Collin College Faculty Council

The Faculty Council represents faculty members in college matters and is responsible for:

  • Supporting the College mission and core values;
  • Safeguarding academic freedom and promoting academic excellence;
  • Participating in College District shared governance;
  • Promoting effective communication among faculty, between faculty and administration, and between faculty and student services;
  • Promoting unity and cohesion among the faculty; and,
  • Promoting the professional, economic, and social welfare of the faculty.

Global Citizenship

For a sustainable global society, we develop responsible and compassionate citizens and leaders. We encourage students to make choices and decisions that take into account the world in which they live and the needs of future generations. Tesseract graduates are able to connect thoughts with actions, deeds with results, and the past with the present and the future through the development of individual talents, social responsibility, critical thinking and

Modern Facilities

We invest regularly in modern, professional equipment for our school to make learning fun. For example, for the new school year we have purchased interactive whiteboards (so that we can teach according to the latest requirements for digital education), VR headsets, 3D printers, and chromebooks.